Waste is Not in Fashion


“Sustainability is not an end goal, it’s a journey.” – Eileen Fisher


In a world where trends are constantly changing, the fashion industry is a force for creativity, expression, and innovation. Yet, beneath the beautiful glamour lies a dark reality: copious amounts of waste.

One of the biggest issues lies in fast fashion, which has led to an unsustainable cycle of overproduction and overconsumption. With trends rapidly changing especially in the age of digital media, clothes have become disposable rather than being seen as long-lasting investments by many. This has led to a constant cycle of production and disposal, creating mountains of textile waste. To give you some perspective, the average American generates 82 pounds of textile waste each year, and this number continues to grow.

Fashion waste goes beyond what we see in our closets. The production process of creating garments themselves is also resource-intensive, where in particular, a lot of fast fashion contains fossil fuels from hazardous chemicals, microplastics, and water waste, with negative effects on the land, air, and water. Most fast-fashion is made of synthetic fibers, taking years to decompose. Not only does this affect the environment, but it also affects people through the unfair work environments it creates and our health through the water and food we consume.

However, there is always hope for change. A growing awareness of environmental impacts comes with demands for sustainable fashion. More and more brands are shifting towards using eco-friendly materials, changing their business models, and minimizing waste to reduce their environmental impacts.

We, as consumers too, have a role to play in this fast-fashion crisis. By opting for quality over quantity, holding businesses accountable, and embracing circular fashion, we have the power to make a collective change. Understandably, not everyone has the opportunity to avoid fast fashion. Having the ability to sustainably shop is a huge privilege, especially as fast fashion can be accessible, more inclusive, and at cheaper price points. However, we can be aware of its negative impacts and be conscious of our shopping choices.

This Earth Day, we at The Valle want to recognize and spread the word about the unsustainable practices that happen in the fashion scene. We strive for sustainability and want to contribute to solving one of fashion’s largest problems through quality, made-to-last pieces you can count on. Together, we can take steps to ensure that fashion becomes a force for good instead of a burden that plagues our environment. After all, true beauty should never come at the cost of our planet.

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